Liz O'Connell is a nutritionist and the creator of FastaWeigh , a scientifically based nutrition program that uses intermittent fasting and low-carb eating for weight loss and to improve metabolic health. Liz is also the co-owner of Bodyfit Pilates & Yoga in Gisborne, Victoria runs the  FastaWeigh 8 Week Program at Bodyfit.

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The next FastaWeigh 8-week group program starts at Bodyfit on Monday June 24th and will run at 7pm Monday nights for eight weeks. To register call (03) 5420 7778. or register online here

Liz is also running a free FastaWeigh info session on Saturday May 15th where you can learn what to expect in the 8 week course. Registrations essential. Book here

In the FastaWeigh 8 Week Program you will learn:

  • Different fasting protocols for weight loss and wellness

  • How to adopt a low -carb diet into your lifestyle

  • How to switch from burning carbohydrates (sugar) as your primary fuel source to burning fat (become fat adapted)

  • The best way to get your body into ketosis (fat burning mode)

  • The role of insulin in metabolic health and weight management (and how to reduce insulin resistance)

  • The role of protein and healthy fats in the diet

  • Foods to eat for gut health and to reduce inflammation in the body

  • How to reduce food cravings and incessant hunger

  • Sleep and stress and their effect on hunger hormones, health and weight

During the program, all FastaWeigh participants also receive support in a private WhatsApp group.

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To learn more about the FastaWeigh principles visit or call Liz at the studio on (03) 5420 7778. Liz's background


FastaWeigh Group Program (8 weeks) - $295 - Next course starts Monday June 24th 2019 at 7pm and meets for 8 weeks

FastaWeigh Private Program (8 weeks) - $495

Private Nutrition consultations with Liz are also available. Initial consultation is one hour $125. 30 minute follow up consultations - $65

Call (03) 5420 7778 to ask Liz any questions you may have about the FastaWeigh program or register online here