Intermittent fasting plus low-carb eating for weight loss and improved health

The FastaWeigh program created by Nutritionist Liz O'Connell is a flexible intermittent fasting and low carb eating lifestyle to help people lose weight and keep it off. 

Humans evolved hunting and eating their kill, that is fasting and then feasting. They did not eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and a few yummy snacks in between. The hormone insulin, which controls blood sugar, is also responsible for signalling to the body to turn fat burning on and off.  The appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin also work more efficiently with a fast and feast cycle than with a constant input of food and eating multiple times a day.   Find out more about the FastaWeigh program.

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The FastaWeigh plan and this website do not constitute medical advice. Please consult your doctor before fasting or substantially changing your diet if you have any underlying medical issues, take medications or have any health concerns. This includes but is not limited to diabetes, cardiovascular and heart conditions. Fasting is NOT recommended for children, pregnant or lactating women or for people with a history of eating disorders.