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About Liz O'Connell

I am a university qualified nutritionist and I write about intermittent fasting, healthy eating and try my best to debunk diet myths at The Belly Firm. I also indulge my passion for wine on my Wine Sister blog andI have also written for several online and print publications including the MamaMia Network and Home Beautiful Magazine.  

In my corporate career I wore different marketing hats starting as a customer service rep answering phones and solving shipping snafus to working in the USA as Vice President of Communications and PR at a listed company (Fosters Wine Estates, now Treasury Wine Estates).  I have worked on brands close to home and around the world including Luke Mangan (chef Sydney), The Australian Government project G’day USA (Los Angeles), Singlefile Wines (Denmark, WA), Advance Global Australians (New York), TarraWarra Estate (Yarra Valley), Penfolds Wines (South Australia) and Fosters Wine Estates (Australia and the USA).

I have been a member of the Minister appointed Food & Wine Tourism Council for Victoria, Wine Victoria board member, Shared Table Committee member, a judge of the Le Cordon Bleu Food Media Awards and a member of the Melbourne committee for the 5 Chefs Gala for the Starlight Foundation. While in the USA, I was a board member of Wine Australia and the California Wine Institute. 

For a very fun (and exhausting) period in the noughties, I owned a restaurant and wine bar in San Francisco. Going from seven figure corporate budgets to watching the costs of labour and linen taught me a lot about the rewards (and I won't lie, the many challenges) of owning a small business.