Further resources/reading

www.dietdoctor.com  - Great website for recipes, videos from the leading low carb/keto and fasting doctors and experts from around the world. Lots of great free info or you can subscribe for $10 a month for more in depth videos and information. There is also an excellent video series for doctors that need education/want to learn about keto and fasting to treat obese and diabetic patients

The Obesity Code and The Diabetes Code (books) by Dr Jason Fung. Explains the science behind fasting for weight loss and diabetes treatment. Dr Fung is a Canadian nephrologist and a pioneer in using fasting to treat chronically obese and diabetic patients at his clinic. There are many excellent case studies and testimonials about how he reverses metabolic diseases including fatty liver and diabetes and gets patients completely off their medication (diabetes, statins, blood pressure meds etc). He also call outs all the diet dogma and big pharma bullshit in a very entertaining (yet scientifically backed) way and he writes a great informative free blog too www.idmprogram.com

The Complete Guide to Fasting (book) by Dr Jason Fung and Jimmy Mooore. More of a user friendly (less ‘sciencey’) how to guide to fasting. www.idmprogram.com

The Power of Appetite Correction (book) and Fast5 Diet by Dr Bert Herring, one of the pioneers of IF (the fast 5 diet is 19 hour fast/5 hour feast). www.bertherring.com